Zumba Tie-Dye Kit

Zumba Wear

$15 $9


  • Kit Includes: Magenta, Yellow, and Turquoise Dye Powders, 25 Grams of each color
  • Includes Dye Tray, 3 PC Bottles, 125ml, 80 ml Dye Fixative
  • Includes measuring Spoon, plastic funnel, 5 pairs of gloves & 20 rubber bands
  • Instruction booklet included with "How to Use" guide and inspiration for different tie-dye techniques
  • Follow #TIEDYEZW for inspiration, and share your own creation!


Style # Z0A000066

Product Description

Customize your Zumba Wear wardrobe with a tie dye look! Mix and match the 3 dye colors in this kit to create a look that is one-of-a-kind you. 

Product Features

Fabric Percents

Non toxic Dyes, Tray/bottles/spoon/funnel-Plastic, Gloves - PE, Bands -Elastic, User manual-Paper

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