Bring Your Power Fingerless Gloves

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  • SMALL 6.75-7.5 in (17.5-19 cm) MEDIUM 7.5-8 in (19-20.5 cm) LARGE 8-9.5 in (20.5-21.5 cm)    
  • Vegan leather panels and stretch textured knit fabric over hand and palm
  • Reflective "STRONG" logo across the dorsal side of the gloves    
  • Silicone elastics for easy pull off

Style # S3A000006

Product Description

Experience improved grip and cushion for every rep with these thoughtfully crafted fingerless gloves. Floor work will never be the same.

Product Features

Fabric Percent

40% PU, 30% Nylon, 20% Polyester, 5% SBR, 5% Gel

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